Video Conference System

Help your working peers to work together from anywhere. Our video conferencing equipment helps you to catch every point and get the work done.


Give your team the work space, outfits and gadgets they need to communicate more effectively and quickly. Provide them a solution with HD video sharing, crystal clear sound and all above the right tools for data and content sharing.


Enable your meeting place to support remote work and drive productive teamwork. Irrespective of your location make every meeting more purposeful and minimize the operational cost for travelling, stay and all above save your time.

Video Conferencing Equipment

Enable your meeting place to support remote work and drive productive teamwork.

ITC Video conferencing equipment is the comprehensive package to meet the needs of current day conference rooms. ITC video conferencing solution equipped with High definition video quality and clear sound, ITC Multi-point video conference systems are made for all your meeting, conference and boardroom needs.

It’s time to get the best video conference system

We have experience of providing the consistent voice quality irrespective of size of rooms. With ITC omni directional microphone you will experience the same voice flow in small, medium and large organization rooms, it never make any difference that whether you are sitting nearby by microphone or away.

HD Video Conference Communication Unit

ITC Multi-point Control Unit provide solution for organization to gather physically isolated teams over video and audio protocol and it can support up to 120 user all over.

The ITC V-60MCU system provides cost effective, flexible and high quality video conferencing for best communication throughout the organization environment. Mounting with video communication in HD quality with telephonic presence the ITC Multi-Point video conferencing system is best and ultimate choice for multinationals and local companies with offices in different locations.

Make your presentation more professional

ITC V-60MCU provides HD video and crystal clear sound for presentation and its data sharing enhance perfect cooperation between participants. With ITC V-60MCU participants can share presentation materials and videos at the same time and more over they can interact with each other naturally.

See Benefits

  • Support up to 120 users, High-definition videos—up to 1920 x 1080 at 30 fps (1080p)
  • Support multi-screen up to 16 pictures per screen, Supports split screen automatically, breakpoint re-invitation function, remote control HD camera, backlight settings
  • High-quality & clear voices for controlling, better room-filling audio presentation.
  • Comprehensive content sharing of presentations, graphics and media content with HD.
  • Flexible and easy integration with multipoint.

HD Video Conference Communication Camera

The ITC TV-612HC provides unique HD videos collaboration. It provides 1080p video to the active participants that make the video conference more conveying and purposeful.  Its smart codec has optical zoom and PTZ covers the whole areas and make sure that all participants are clearly captured and heard.

See Benefits

  • High Definition CMOS sensor with 1920×1080 ultra-rich resolutions, HD CMOS sensors, Supports 1080p ensure smooth picture.
  • 12X optical zoom provides quick, accurate and constant autofocus lens, 12 teams optical zoom together with fast PTZ placing for easy visualization.
  • Ultra side angle supports up to 70 degrees
  • Support multiformat in HD output, High definition video at 1080P30/25, 720P60/50/30, HD analogue and a digital video output signal through DVI-I, HDMI, HD –SDI
  • RS-232C VISCA Protocol and RS-232C remote control VISCA interface PTZ and for all camera settings.
  • For multiple location coverage, Location preset for various positions and times and presets can be saved after the camera is shut down.
  • Remote control for simplified operations of zoom control, sound pitch, level and other parameters.
  • Cameras adjustment through OSD menu and switching to video mode etc. * HD interface: DVI-I high-definition multimedia interface.
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