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Appearance Search Technology

Avigilon Appearance Search technology is the most efficient way to search recorded videos.This technology can help you to search for specific individual or vehicle on your recorded videos just through dragging picture of such person face or dragging of vehicle in our software.

The CCTV administrator of the present day doesn’t need to spend hours in scrolling footage because this intelligent search engine can sort footage and locate quickly required person or vehicle across entire recording. This software can further supplement your forensic investigations and all above can improve your response time towards any critical event.

Thanks to Avigilon Appearance   Search technology, The world leader in surveillance and pioneer of appearance search technology.


Face search

It enables search for specific features of persons face and ensures that face is detected everywhere in footage irrespective of the fact that the person has changed his clothes etc.

Physical Features Search

It allows operator to search on the basis of physical feature or certain physical description which may be color of shirt, male or female.

Person or Vehicle Search

Enabling CCTV operating person to quickly look for specific individual or vehicle and get their all recorded clips from first appearance to last location in recorded footage.

How to get get your Appearance search technology in your system

AVIGILON CCTV Cameras with builtin Appearance Search Technology

AB Security solution provides IP CCTV cameras and NVR with builtin appearance search technology. Just plug and play and all the appearance search technology function will be available in your by default software.

AVIGILON CCTV Software Appliance For Other System Users

When it comes to situation where there is system already installed without any appearance technology. AB Security solution has a backup plan for you, Our Appliance is compatible with almost all onvif cameras and can be integrated in to your existing IP cameras system.

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