TOA WS-5325M Wireless Microphone Price in Lahore Pakistan

The WS-5325M includes a wireless transmitter WM-5325, alavalier microphone YP-M5310, and adiversity wireless tuner WT-5810. The WM-5325 wireless transmitter has been manufactured for use with a UHF system. Thanks to the PLL-synthesizer system, 64 different operating frequencies are made a vailable. A high out put power ensures stable radio signal transmission. The YP-M5310 employs an electret condenser microphone element and has been designed for use in speech reinforcement applications. The WT-5810isa PLL-synthesizer controlled double super hetrodyne diversity tuner designed to be used with a UHF wireless system. It employs a compander noise reduction circuit to minimize the influence of ambient RF noise.