sound system for mosque in pakistan

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Compete Masjid Sound System Solution

mosque sound system

Outdoor Sound Design Parameter


The Azan must be clearly reached to the surrounded areas. Therefore Azan Speakers and Microphone must be carefully selected according to Minaret of Masjid.


Acoustic aspects, echo and feedback must be considered in delivering intelligent sound during Juma Khutab Inside Masjid Main hall and outside courtyard.

sound system for mosque in pakistan

Indoor Sound Design Parameter

Main Hall

The Tilawat and Speech of Imam must reach clearly to every Namazi in Masjid at appropriate noise level.


Microphone and Amplifier must be carefully selected to control ECHO and Feedback.

mosque sound system

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We offer and customize best total sound solution according to atmosphere and dimension of Masjid. We are channel Partner of TOA Japan in Lahore, Pakistan and we offer long lasting, high quality and wide frequency equipment to our Masajids.

Our designed Solution ensure uniformity of sound inside masjid and Azan speakers are best in long through and durability.

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