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Best Total Sound System For Masjid in Lahore Pakistan


High Quality Best Total Audio Solution For Masjid In Lahore, Pakistan

AB Security Solution selects the best sound system for masjid and furnishes the best audio environment in and outside masjid. The durable horn speaker blowout the azan over the vast area in order to alert area namazi to reach masjid in time.

Line array speakers for large masjid halls and column speakers inside for middle sized masjid hall provide best sound that remove echo and feedback noise as well. Our designed solution are applied in main masajids in Lahore and all other area of Pakistan.

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Masjid Speakers, Amplifiers and Microphones in Lahore, Pakistan

AB designed sound system for masjid provide the beauty of azan, prayer and religious lectures with the most suitable masjid loud speakers, masjid Horn speakers, masjid wall speakers and microphones in Lahore Pakistan.

The voice of Azan and voice of Imam must be clearly heard at desired corner and
the speaker drivers for outdoor speakers must be carefully selected according to masjid architectural design.

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Sound System For Mosque In Pakistan

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