TOA Public Address System Pakistan 2023

TOA PA System

TOA Public Address Systems components are used for premium and perfect communication and security. It is important that the Public address solution is fully reliable as it is connected with important communication messages and public safety. TOA fully  integrated and monitored amplifier, microphones and loudspeakers guarantees the continuous operations when it is most needed. Its product ranges includes wireless pa system multiple speakers, Amplifier, Microphones, Audio conference sound system and IP Based Public address and voice Evacuation system.

AB Security Solution has provided most innovative TOA PA system components and TOA PA systems in Pakistan. TOA PA System stands for quality and it has been specialist in the manufacturing of best audio equipment for the last 70 years. TOA PA system price in Pakistan renders best total cost of project and its build to last for the years to come.

AB Security Solution has uniquely provided TOA PA sound system setup for Educational institutes, Auditoriums, shopping malls, Commercial buildings, Govt organizations and allied public places. Whether it is simple 4 Public address system speakers or Multi floored building, we have designed and executed latest TOA Public address IP based PA system and Audio conference system in Pakistan.

TOA has more than 30 production and distribution bases around the globe in order to develop local business reach and optimum operations. We are here to provide you information about TOA products and solution in Lahore, Pakistanu 

TOA IP Based PA system / Voice Evacuation Systems


From complicated site monitoring and professional communication of sound, TOA IP Based voice evacuation system offers a simple and dependable solution. TOA VX-3000 and VM-3000 Series are extremely scalable, simple to execute with outmost sound quality. The system will provide lowest total cost as it can be easily integrated with other TOA system without incremental basic cost.

With determined audio communication zones, background music and voice message within system, TOA IP Based voice alarm IP Based solution is ideal choice for small to large sized organizations. Furthermore the system can be fully integrated with fire alarm system and allied standards.

Wireless Public Address System

Toa wireless microphone systems deliver unmatched performance in handheld, collar and headset microphones. The different frequencies ranges from 4 to 64 channel, TOA wireless microphone has been developed to provide interference free and out of class communication for stage presenters, teachers and trainers.

TOA 5000 series, S4.04 & S4.10 series microphone complete system is best matched for presentations, lecture hall, television interview, clubs and house of worships.

Audio Conference System

TOA portable public address system contains high end microphone system provide best wireless and wired audio conference system for executive meeting, parliamentary sessions, conferences and important meetings. It is extremely necessary to provide fully reliable conference system as it is concerned with meeting of high level executives. TOA audio conference equipment assures reliable communication between executives where the company most important matter are in session.

TOA 780 and 770 series wired and TOA 800 series wireless pa system speakers and microphones are the ultimate choice in audio conference system around the globe.

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