600 watt Line Array Speaker
Price in Pakistan

The SR-S4S is a two-way line array speaker ideal for short distance sound transmission and configures a line array by arranging speaker elements vertically close to each other. It can be converted into the bi-amplifier drive system by changing the internal connection. It can
be used for high-impedance applications with the installation of the optional MT-S0601 Matching transformer.

2-way line array speaker with 8 x 10 cm (4“) woofers and 24 high-frequency drivers, installed vertically Sync-Drive technology creates an ideal line sound source Clear sound with reduced attenuation over distance Targeting the speaker’ beam to the listener area reduces reflections from floor and ceiling and reduces the danger of feedback Splash proof versions (SR-S4LWP/SR-S4SWP) Bi-amp or single amp drive possible Wide variety of mounting brackets available