TOA TS-780 Series Audio Conference Rom System Price in Pakistan

TOA Control Unit TS-780
TOA Control Unit TS-781
TOA Delegate Unit TS-782

Plug-and-play system with built-in MP3 recorder for quick conference recording

System Benefits

  • Plug-and-play system.
  • Up to 64 units can be attached to a single Central Unit.
  • System expandable to 192 units by connection of 3 Central Units.
  • Test function allows connections to be accurately verified.
  • Conferences can be recorded onto SD card or external recording device.
  • Built-in feedback suppressor for more efficient reduction of acoustic feedback.
  • External equalizing capability. Compact and stable hardware design.

Conference room microphone

Conference microphone solution are best suited for conference and meeting rooms for level executives where it is a dire need to pick up the voice of every single participant. AB Security solution provides the best conference microphone prices in Pakistan and ensures the best quality audio in your conference room. Each participant is equipped with his dedicated conference microphone and it is connected central control unit.

Chairman and delegate conference microphones

Professional conference microphone system consists of chairman conference microphone unit which controls all participant microphones that are called delegate conference microphone unit. Chairman conference microphone can control the audio output of all the delegates conference microphone with just push of a button, Chairman Microphone will allow and disallow a person to speak in a meeting.


Conference microphone Connections

In terms of connectivity, the Chairman Microphone unit is connected with the central control unit with a 10-meter standard conference microphone connection wire. After connection of chairman conference microphone with central control unit, Chairman Conference microphone connects with the first delegate conference microphone. Again every delegate conference microphone has its 2 connection wire, each delegate unit shares its wires with 1 conference microphone unit before and 1 conference microphone unit after in its line. TOA conference microphone system is a very user-friendly, plug and play error-free system.

Conference room microphone Price in Pakistan

The TOA 780 series conference room microphone provides the best total solution prices and long-lasting life in Pakistan. Its hardware can last for 25 years and provide you best total cost of assets with minimum depreciation per year. Our team of certified professionals designs the best conference microphone set up according to your conferencing room and makes sure that your conference microphone setup doesn’t go unused for the years to come. Our conference microphone systems are installed at the most prominent places in the hotels, board rooms, and conference halls, classrooms of commercial and public organizations.

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