TOA Delegate Unit TS-772 Price in Lahore, Pakistan

The TS-772 is a Delegate unit for TOA Conference system, of which compact and lightweight design makes it easy to install and store. Placing the speech button in the ON position permits speech and disables the speaker to prevent feedback. If the speech button is placed in the OFF position, the microphone cannot be used but the speaker is turned on, allowing the voices from other conference units to be monitored. Two types of dedicated microphones are made available for the TS-772 as optional products: the TS-773 standard type and the TS-774 long type.

  • Built-in speaker
  • A ring-shaped LED on the optional microphone indicates that the microphone is on
  • To prevent howling, the built-in speaker is turned off while the microphone is on
  • Press-to-talk button
  • Recording output mini-jack for connection to a recording device
  • Multiple chairman units operating simultaneously
  • Long or short gooseneck microphone (optional)
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