ITC AUDIO 77 Series IP Based PA System & Intercom

Excellent Expandability with Easy Installation

ITC IP Based Public Address system

ITC Audio 77 Series is a IP Based PA System that can combine function of Public Addressing, intercom and Fire alarming within one unit. The 77 series amplifier features an absolute flexibility as it can be plugged in your existing network anywhere without the addition of new wiring.

The system can be configured to auto play, address to specific or all zones with paging console. Its also support IOS and android app for paging and audio playing.

Its easy installation, easy operation and extreme extension options makes 77 series the ultimate choice for Factories, Mills, schools, hotels, stadiums, banks, mines, prisons, hospitals, airports, stations, transportation and other places where you need highest performance without incurring cost on wiring

System Components

System Architecture

  • Based on LAN & WAN, no limit for transmission• Easy cabling, existing LAN can be used, save labor cost
  • No limit for zones
  • Easy expansion, just by adding IP amplifiers
  • With Intercom function
  • With software to make program, more flexible and humanized operation
  • With SDK package, can be integrated with other systems, like CCTV and access control system

ITC IP Based Public Address system

  • IP based network which is easy to install, deploy and save on commissioning time.
  •  Unified management and control with distributed deployment. It also offer hierarchical decentralization management.
  •  Linkage with fire alarm system, highly intelligent emergency dispatch.
  • Strong backup of server and terminal for continuity of broadcasting.
  • Support computers, smart phones and tablets and other client terminal with user friendly interface.

ITC IP Based Public Address system

Support directly paging and intercom function with touch screen interface.

Support up to 1000 audios defined by user.

Full duplex two way communication with intercom without any delay in network.

Desktop Design with 7 inch touch screen easy to use.

Multi call strategies which includes call forwarding, call waiting and no answer reminding.

ITC IP Based Public Address system

  • Various model ranges from 60 watt to 500 watts at constant impedance of 4-16 ohm or voltages at 100v/
  • 70v.
  • 3.4 Inch screen display the working status of connected speakers.
  • Support TCP/IP, UDP, IGMP for transmission of 16 bit
  • CD quality audio transmission.
  • 1 Mic and 1 aux input with independence volume, terrible and bass control

ITC IP Based Public Address system

  • Wall mount design with high quality material
  • Built-in IP audio decoder support TCP/ IP, UDP, IGMP sound quality in CD level.
  • Built-in 2 x 10 Watt digital amplifier
  • 1 Aux input with individual mute and volume control and also for local paging.
  • Priority of or Network signal.

ITC IP Based Public Address system

  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor application with waterproof standard.
  • With Emergency and call button for communication with duty room.
  • Industrial grade dual processing chip with start up time less than 1 second.
  • Built-in high quality microphone and speaker for collection of sound from wide area.

ITC IP Based Public Address system

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