Luna Cloud Based PA System & IP Intercom

LUNA- Cloud Based PA System

LUNA is a Linux-based high end PA platform, which features the unique functions of cloud broadcast, intercom, fire alarm, voice evacuation and support cross platform management.

LUNA can switch in SIP phone call, Apps broadcasted voice, satellite phone call, maritime phone call and support allied outstanding features.

The system is highly efficient for large scale Factories, Mills, schools, hotels, stadiums, banks, mines, prisons, hospitals, airports, stations, transportation and other places where highest performance is absolutely necessary.

System Components

Cloud based Architecture

Comprehensive features:

  • Broadcast on demand
  • Fixed Time Broadcast
  • Offline broadcast
  • intercom
  • Monitor
  • Real time Recording
  • Fire Alarm Integration
  • Voice Evacuation
  • Server Backup
  • VOIP Phone
  • Web Control
  • Remote Control Via WiFi
  • Airplay

Paging, Broadcast & Offline auto play

  • With the touch screen tft on controller or audio terminal, mobile app, remote controller, for playing the program or MP3 Media file to a single or multiple terminals.
  • Capable to capture up to 14 channel multiple audio sources from sound card synchronously.
  • Support Offline auto play with IP audio terminal 2GB
  • SSD if the network is disconnected.

Cloud Based Intercom

  • Luna support the real time dual way intercom model for regular conversation and  for emergency communication.
  • Help key for calling the control center.
  • Call transfer feature, call overtime hangup and mute automatically hang up.
  • Real time audio recording from intercom for easy inquiry in future.

Fire alarm & Voice evacuation

Highly integrated with Fire alarm systems. Its support multiple options trigger, including removing alarm, fire alarming, pressure detection, line failure. When there is a triggering event the terminal can play media files, recording and can send emails.


Luna supports the standard SIP protocol, In order to achieve the broadcast based on the SIP all the IP network telephone can be regarded as paging microphone to switch within its system.

Airplay wireless technology

The system is integrated with Air play, every mobile phone, IPad etc. with the function of airplay can be connected to the system.

System administrator can manage the complete system with the official app on his mobile phone. Administrator can call any program to a single or multiple terminals.

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