PTZ, Panoramic view & fish eye camera

Best PTZ Camera

AB Security solution has complete range of best PTZ camera for you. PTZ cameras offer variety of presets positions, auto tracking and zoom to detect event sand all in all made to face the harshest temperatures and climates.

Featuring the better mega pixel and rotational capacity, PTZ camera apply required mega pixel on target and capture the target in more detail. Further the operator can either set it on auto mode with fixed preset sand can manually use it to capture target for situation identification.

Available in exceptional image capturing quality with greater distance coverage, Our range of High mega pixel cameras offer more image detail in wide are as through its optical zoom sand suitable for roads, airports, parks, airports and stadium and other big venues, etc

Multi-Sensor Camera
Multi sensor camera enables user to capture are as that normally requires more than one camera with one camera over its embedded multi sensors. These cameras are best suited to intersection points, perimeter of buildings, airports, stations concourse and more. With fully customize able angles you can cover every part of scene with multiple displays at one screen that’s particular to your needs.

Panoramic view and fish eye camera
Panoramic view and fish eye camera, The ultra-high definition fish eye camera captures image over panoramic 360 degree view and leave no blind spot behind. The camera is best suited for big shopping malls, retail store and buildings

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