Licence Plate Recognition

License Plate Recognition

AB Security Solution license plate recognition or ANPR technology automatically detect sand read high speed moving vehicle sand store it to software. This can help security operator to find quickly videos of vehicle sand their in and out time for authentication further investigation. Our ANPR software detect sand reads license plates at high accuracy and store numbers of all types of license plates designs

Capture the License Plate

In are as where it is important to capture license plate number such as car parking, entrance sand moving vehicles, our system and cameras are designed to capture license plate number of high speed vehicles even in challenging lighting conditions.

Our system is capable to capture license plate number of vehicles moving at the speed of upto 100km/hr. (62mph) and produce visible characteristics on reflective.

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Our wide range of professional ANPR cameras are available with ease of configuration and with better zoom control. AB Security solution design and customize best ANPR solution with professional engineers and support staff that comes with perfect match for your requirement

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