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AB offers wide range of network IP cameras for monitoring of public, commercial and more are as for security, safety and timely communication. It provides owners of sites not only timely detection and action of misfortunes and criminal activities but also proved to be very effective in deterring crimes before it happens.

IP Cameras System
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What ever the security needs of your premises, you will find an AB Security Solution Network IP cameras will fit in your needs. From out door cameras connection over fiber cable and cameras in complicated buildings, we offer and cover it all. Our cameras provide High definition image in challenging lighting conditions irrespective of the size and characteristics of site. From parameter to control room we have designed and implemented the surveillance solution which are integral part of our success. Our cameras can be integrated with smart video analytic solutions that can notify you to in the time of need and forthwith you react to the situation before substantial damage.

FIBER Optic Wiring

AB CCTV security can help you to deploy highest level of security, safety and communication over your entire premises with fiber optic cabling. The apparent cameras in stalled at place of high defenseless environment have always provided evidence of effective deterrence of crime. Illegal and suspicious activities weaken in your CCTV secured are as when security personnel’s are supported by CCTV surveillance technology. Challenging lighting conditions in door or out door, tuff weather conditions such as humidity and extremely hot or cold weather. This calls for provision of high quality camera with night vision, wide dynamic range (WDR), infrared IR and more.

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AB Security solution offers broad range of cctv cameras to comply with your security requirements. We Offer world best HD cameras ranges from 1Mega pixel to 30Mega pixel along with Intelligent Video Analytics Software. Our wide range of Pro Cameras available in 4K, 5K, 6K and 7K (30MegaPixelCameras) that deliver clear and unmatched performance. Our broad range of IRPTZ Cameras, License Plate Recognition/ANPR Cameras, Thermal Imaging CCTV Cameras, Fish Eye Camera, Multi Preview and 12MP Multi sensor Cameras provides maximum clarity with high quality image with minimum bandwidth.

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