Wireless Audio Conference System Price in Pakistan

Wireless Audio Conference
system in Pakistan

Highly Flexible and reliable DCN-3388 UHF wireless conference microphone system is the best choice to set up the best wireless conference room sound system in Pakistan. It has a compact structure and simple connectivity of wireless conference microphones system. Meanwhile, it does not require any further routing and it can be connected to any small to large scale conference room applications.
– DCN-3388 Wireless microphone conference system supports different meeting modes, like Limit (1/2/3/4), FIFO (1/2/3/4), and chairman only. Single microphone receiver allows message receiving from 1000 microphones simultaneously and when linked with a video processor, video tracking for 256 microphone could be released. Meanwhile 5 microphone could be activated at the same time.
– Signal transmission could be released with FM (Frequency Modulation),

Wireless Audio Conference system in Pakistan

– Signal transmission could be released with FM (Frequency Modulation), featuring high fidelity, high signal to no noise and low latency conference room wireless microphone system.
– Unique State of art condenser conference microphone cartridge is introduced, which is resistant to whistle, highly sensitive, allowing excellent
audio transmission sound system for conference room.
– The system features ultra low power usage hence it last up to 8 hours when
in continuous usage and up to 30 hours while in standby mode. Batteries can be charged with DC power adapter and intelligent adapter case smartly
manages it batteries to secure its long life.
– Built-in USB port on its audio receiver which allow both audio recording and playing function. Besides, when used together with Bluetooth device the audio inside the USB could also be played in conference room.
– Built-in Dante Audio transmission interface is installed. The system allow average working space of up to 80 meter with clear line of sight hence provide a best wireless conference room sound.

Wireless Benefits Include:

– Exceptional Wireless conference microphone sound quality
– Flexible and easy Wireless configuration of Audio conference
system in different rooms and with varied participant numbers
– Secure and wireless conference room sound system assures
freedom from eavesdropping and interference
– Very Easy to set-up and operate Wireless Audio Conference
microphone system
‘- Good Wireless Audio Conference room coverage.

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