HTDZ Audio Conference System price in Pakistan

Haitian Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. HTDZ is a professional conference system manufacturer of china on a large scale since 2000. HTDZ Audio conference system are a product of dedicated research and development and technological invention in the field of the digital and professional audio conference system. HTDZ products come across after deep testing and checkup from its internal protocols and that makes HTDZ Audio conference error-free in customers’ hands. HTDZ Audio conference system is certified IS09001 2015 and has allied certification of Rohs. CE, CCC, and CB. Company vast experience ensures the availability of lowest-priced audio conference system and its longest life make sure the best total cost of equipment for its customers.

HTDZ Audio conference system Function

HTDZ Audio conference provides the standard audio conference function. Each user is equipped with a Conference microphone by which the user can speak and participate in the meeting. The chairman microphone can control the proceeding of the meeting with just a push of the chairman microphone button. The system is plug and play and microphones are connected with the central control unit with the system-provided connection wire. Each microphone has a built-in monitor speaker and it is sufficient for the medium-sized conference room.

HTDZ Audio conference Chairman & Delegate Unit

HTDZ Audio conference system chairman and delegate units can support discussion with the built-in speaker in it. The microphone’s tough and rugged design and its 8P dual wire connection ensure its long life. HT-3000 control unit can support a maximum of 60 microphones with a single unit and it can be further extended with the use of extension power supply unit upt0 250 microphones. Its central control unit has a built-in monitor speaker as well and its operating modes are 1/2/3/5. HT-3000 can also be connected with video cameras and public address system amplifiers and speakers.

HTDZ Audio conference system Price

AB Security solution is a distributor of HTDZ audio conference system in Pakistan. The company holds the largest collection of HTDZ products and offers the best price in Pakistan.HT-3000 system is HTDZ most economical system and the HT-3000 Central unit has the best Audio conference system central control unit price in Pakistan. HTDZ Audio conference system Chairman unit HB-350C and delegate unit HB-350D has the best economical price in Pakistan.

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