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HTDZ conference systems have been established to deliver highest level of performance in Wireless and wired Audio conference, Language interpretation system, Voting system, Microphone and Pre mixer equipments market today. HTDZ being a market leader for the last decades has dominated Conference system industry through broad certification program and training of its approved system integrator, dealers and distributors in the world.

AB Security Solution is the distributor of HTDZ Pro Conference system in Pakistan. We have presented wide range of UHF wireless Audio Conference system, IR Wireless Audio conference system, Digital Dante Audio conference system, discussion system, wired voting system and wireless language interpretation system in Pakistan. We offer complete designing, supply of equipment and deployment of HTDZ Audio conference system in Pakistan.

AB Security Solution being a distributor of HTDZ Pro Audio conference system in Pakistan has contributed in high quality and reliable Conference rooms systems in hundreds of place such as educational institutes, Public places, Govt Organizations, corporate buildings and more.