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Fire alarm system has number of devices connected in a loop to detect fire, smoke and carbon monoxide over a system deployed premises. The fire alarm components includes fire alarm control panel, Smoke and heat sensors, manual call points, sounders and bells which are connected together with wires. The fire is detected through smoke and heat sensors and it sends signal to control panel which generate alarm through sounder and bells. The timely fire detection depends upon the quality of sensors because it is the main source of fire and smoke detection which generate alarm in a fire alarm system.

The system will warn people through alarm and visual appliances when abnormality is detected. Fire alarm system will be activated automatically through detection of fire by smoke or heat detectors and it can also be manually activated through fire alarm system connected manual call points.


AB Security solution has complete range of fire alarm system in Pakistan. We offer latest technology fire alarm system in Pakistan which can also be integrated with voice alarm system for integration of voice with fire alarm zones. Our designed fire alarm system in Pakistan provides reliable fire detection and timely alarming and allows easy expansion in system.

Our conventional fire alarm system offers best fire alarm system price in Pakistan and it can deployed in small to medium size premises with a good cost effect. Conventional fire alarm system has best price in Pakistan and it is also used in Pakistan due to its user friendly management and easy installation.

AB Security solution is a supplier of fire alarm system in Pakistan since 2004. We are supplier and integrator of many private, semi government and government entities. We are supplier of fire alarm system complete package and offer timely after sales services in Pakistan. Our team has many years of experience in fire alarm system installation. Our team has collaborated with many contractors, architects and integrators in design of fire alarm so there is uncovered area during installation of fire alarm system and fire alarm system remains reliable for fire alarming and detection.

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