Honeywell Gent VIGPLUS-24 Vigilon Plus 4 Loop Panel Price in Pakistan

Honeywell Gent VIGPLUS-24 Vigilon Plus 6 Loop Panel Price in Pakistan

Vigilon Plus Control Panels are available in 3 sizes managing 2, 4 or 6 loops each accommodating up to 200 devices including advanced fire sensors, interfaces, call points, alarm sounders and visual alarms.

The Compact Plus 2 loop buy diazepam online in uk panels and Vigilon Plus 4 loop panels are available with integrated 24 hour standby and the 6 loop panel has full 72 hr standby capacity. Advanced networking options allow networking of up to 200 panels in a multi-domain structure with options of copper or optic fibre connections (Vigilon 4 & 6 Loop

Panels only).

Vigilon’s back-lit LCD display presents clear indication of Fire or Fault location and the control panel’s innovative 8-line x 40 character display with push-button keypad is simple to use. Fire Plans can be tailored to precisely meet site requirements.

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