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Honeywell Gent Fire Alarm System Pakistan

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Honeywell Gent fire alarm system in Pakistan are equipped with industry most innovative and scalable fire detection and alarming solution. Honeywell together with its partner AB Security Solution offers a best total solution that provides its user an unparallel control and safety in Fire alarm system of building. With a history of huge client success, Honeywell gent has become a first choice for fire alarming prices and solution in Pakistan.


Honeywell Gent fire alarm systems have been deployed to meet the highest possible standards in detection of fire detection and alarming system in today’s market. With honoured manufacturing in UK since 1930 and its availability in Pakistan, Honeywell Gent has become a bench mark in the field of Fire alarm system prices in Pakistan.

Gent is driven by a continuous innovation in fire alarm system technology in order to improve integrity of fire detection and delivering a peace of mind to owner of premises in fire safety. Honeywell Gent new advanced systems have compatibility with any other Gent system that provide a safe cost of investment and all above provide an opportunity to upgrade existing system with lowest cost.

Gent Smoke Sensors

S-Quad Series Smoke sensors leads the industry with latest detection technologies of heat, smoke and carbon monoxide.

Gent Manual Call Point

The range includes options for glass and resettable elements and lift-up protective covers.

Gent Fire alarm Control Panel

Combination of Gent intelligent loop powered devices and powerful software provides an unmatched control our building fire system security.

Gent sounders

S-Cubed incorporates sound, speech and an EN54-23 visual alarm all in one device.

Get Best Total Honeywell Gent Fire Alarm System solution

We offer and customize best price of Honeywell Gent fire alarm system solution according to atmosphere and dimension of buildings. We are Authorized channel Partner and distributor of Honeywell Gent in Pakistan and we offer long lasting, high quality and scalable fire detection solution for corporate and allied premises.

Our designed Solution ensure timely detection of fire, heat and Gas which make the occupant of premises extremely comfortable.

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