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Facial Attendance System

It’s never been easy to maintain payroll and job costing accurate and quick. Thanks to facial time attendance which use photos to confirm who comes in or out. Further you can generate reports of employees within few clicks.

Facial Access Control System

Access control is a main pillar of modern day access security of every organization. The need to control access to premises and building, different shift of working and limitation of traditional motorized locks are welcoming reliable and intelligent access control systems.

Maximize Convenience and Accessibility

AB Security solution Facial access control devices always set highest level of performance for controls. Whether you are looking for single level access control or multi-level controls throughout your organizations with face recognition, we will meet your requirement.

Your complete Facial Attendance & access Control Solution at one place

AB Security solution has been gaining the competitive edge in the field of Facial Attendance & access control by offering the world latest technology to both public and private organizations. We are committed to provide state of art control to premises that are willing to secure physical access to their property and their assets.

Depending on the access control on specific area of your office or where there is a need to cover entire premises, we provide complete and trusted solutions. Facial Attendance and Access control solution is drilling down their way in every sector of business as it is not limited to physical security but for other useful applications as well. It is in use of organizations for access restriction and establishes identity of employees as well as visitors.

Scalable solution for your projects with reliability

Data centers are the areas where there is always a dire need to access control of unauthorized person. The backup of information regarding each and every sector of organization from startup to current day are the most worthy asset because it collected and organized over a long time.

The modern day organizations know that there is also another way to secure their data other than firewall and allied software, even the offsite backup of data is not sometimes sufficient. We make sure that your data centers or servers don’t come under the hands of unauthorized person and data security is kept under the supervision of data center managers only.

Incorporated Solution for all applications

AB Security solution designs a perfectly flexible face attendance solution that can be enhanced over time. Thanks to accessible equipment’s of modern day that can be integrated and enhanced according to your security and access needs. Our access control solution provides an ideal control on projects such office, buildings, educational institutes, Airports, health care and more. Our equipment’s and solutions covers all types of small, medium and large scale organizations premises.

Medium to Large scale projects

  • Installation friendly and open configurable software with scalability
  • Integration of Video Surveillance, anti fire system, intrusion detection and public address
  • Open devices for communication with reader, controller and allied access points
  • Administer up to 50,000 users and many servers, 1,000,000 transactions

Integration with third-party devices

The best option is that our systems can be integrated with third party equipment’s and provide complete solution in conjunction with each other. Third party features like card holder details, door access, time and attendance of employees and payroll with software.

Extensive Features

Ever lasting investment

The initial investment can be upgraded over time using existing hardware. The new feature can be explored over web which shall stimulate your investment up to the mark

Cost effective Solution

We apprehend that our solution can provide you lowest Cost of Ownership as the controller firmware can be easily upgraded without any incremental cost and additional tools.


Other system like anti-fire systems, intrusion detection, video management can be incorporated to make a complete effective security program.

Multiple Application

In addition to door access control you can integrate lights, Prox card, alarms, Antipass back, multi-card opening, First card opening, duress password entry and more with main panel.

Real Security and Dependability

A high level of verification and security is provided with bio metric, card and badge enrollment with accuracy. In case of power break down, data is preserved and terminal continues to operate even disconnection with network.

User Capacity

It support up to 3000-50,000 faces and can retain up to 100,000 to 1,000,000 logs and transactions.

Quick Installation

The module design make easy and quick planning and installation. The display allow easy and trouble shooting and maintenance of devices. Thanks to fastest Ethernet port interface which ensures updated are finished within minutes.

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AB Security Solutions offers series of Facial access control readers and Attendance devices with fully advanced features for cost effective initial setup and for further system integration. Models available are KF-160, VF-680, VF-780, VF-700, KF-460, Pface 202, uface 302, Uface 402, Sface 900, Uface 800, and G3. The RS485 and wiegand ensures that our devices will work perfectly with your chosen technology. Simply choose the device and solution that fits best to your requirements

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