Wireless CCTV Camera

Wireless CCTV Security Cameras

Wireless & Dual Audio/ Alarm WIFI camera

We have range of Move able wireless IP cameras with dual audio and alarm with can cater site in which wiring is complicated or you don’t need any wiring at your premises.

Smart features

  • Camera Movable with smart phone from anywhere anytime.
  • Audio/Alarm IO, PRI Detection
  • High resolution & Night vision

Wireless Connection Station- upto 10 KM

Out door Area and sites where wired connections are not possible or wiring cost is very costly for few camera, We suggest connection of CCTV cameras over a wireless device. The wireless device provides a perfect balance between points and works as a bridge between CCTV and NVR.

Smart Features:

  • Frequency 2.402 – 2.492GHz (FCC 2.412 – 2.462 GHz)
  • High performance and stability
  • IP-66 standards rated enclosure
  • TDMA ensures reliable communication
  • Recommended for 0~10km PTP/PTMP wireless connection

Wireless CCTV Connection Structure

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