dahua ptz camera price in pakistan

Dahua PTZ Camera Price in Pakistan

Best PTZ Cameras

AB Security Solution provide best Dahua PTZ Camera price in Lahore, Pakistan. Available in both HDCVI and network, it can pan, tilt and zoom function to cover wide area and capture great details. Dahua PTZ camera setup has also specailized PTZ Camera settings with positioning system, anti-corrison and explosion proof applications.

AB Security solution has complete range of best PTZ camera for you. PTZ cameras offer variety of presets positions, auto tracking and zoom to detect events and all in all made to face the harshest temperatures and climates.

Featuring the better megapixel and rotational capacity, PTZ camera apply required mega pixel on target and capture the target in more detail. Further the operator can either set it on auto mode with fixed presets and can manually use it to capture target for situation identification.

Available in exceptional image capturing quality with greater distance coverage, Our range of High 2 MP PTZ Camera , 4 MP PTZ camera, 5 MP PTZ Camera and 8 MP PTZ Camera offer more image detail in wide areas through its optical zooms and suitable for roads, airports, parks, airports and stadium and other big venues, etc

dahua ptz camera price in Lahore pakistan

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Predictive Focus Algorithm (PFA)

With increased demand of long distance surviellance, Dahua PTZ cameras are gained increased demand. However user always experience bluriness, slow zoom and shaking of scene. Dahua has Introduced PFA technology to solve this problem.

The PFA technology provides the maximum focus during the zooming process without any delay. Predictive Focus Algorithm has greatly introduced best method of judgement to capture the accuracy and predictibily of object that was not possible before.

Dahua PTZ Camera Price in Pakistan

Featuring Latest Technology

Power full Optical Zoom

High performance optical zoom with:
-100 Meter IR PTZ Camera
-150 Meter IR PTZ Camera - 200 Meter IR PTZ camera
-300 meter IR PTZ Camera
-500 meter IR PTZ Camera

Auto Tracking

This excellent feature adjust the Pan/ tilt/ Zoom of the camera and the track the moving object in order to keep it in surveillance scene. The tracking option can be configured manually and automatically with defined rules.

Artificial Intelligence

Dahua PTZ camera has builtin face detection, motion detection, tripwire, heat map, tripwire and allied IVS Video analytics features to provide maximum efficiency of video surveillance. It alerts over the line of configured triggering events.

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