dahua nvr price in pakistan

Dahua NVR Price in Pakistan

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Dahua NVR Price in Lahore, Pakistan

As a leader in Innovation, Dahua technology is committed to provide upto the mark technology network Video Recorder NVR price in Lahore, Pakistan. Our range of series starts from Lite Series and range to AI Professional series.

Dahua NVR in Pakistan are widely used, ranges from professional and most innovative products to solutions where customer need a cost effective solution with quality.

Dahua NVR are widely used in various application across all industry for complete video surveillance. Dahua Lite series NVR price in Lahore, Pakistan provides best cost for low cost users with best results. Dahua Pro series NVR provides best output for large scale projects where there is a need to monitor hundreds of cameras. Dahua 4K NVR is a breakthrough in image processing of Video surveillance. All in all the smart features of NVR with smart 265+ recording, intelligent Video system and Automatic Network replenishment technology makes dahua NVR the best price choice in Lahore, Pakistan.

AB Security Solution is authorized distributor & channel partner to provide DAHUA NVR prices in Lahore, Pakistan together with smart solution for Hotels, Corporate building, Restaurants and smart retails, residential colonies  and allied application.

nvr dahua price in pakistan
dahua 8 channel nvr price in pakistan

Dahua Lite Series

Dahua Lite series NVR are embedded with 4K video resolution which provides best video evidence of IP cameras. It is smart 265+ which is optimized version of H.265 codec that uses a scene adaptive latest technology and efficiently saves on storage space and bandwidth. The NVR is embedded with video analytics while working with Intelligent video system enabled cameras. It offer many features such as detect abandoned or missing objects, trip wire violation and intrusion detection, facial detection, people counting and allied functions.

DAHUA Lite series has best selling NVR prices in Lahore Pakistan. For 2MP and 4MP IP cameras, Dahua 4 channel NVR model DHNVR4104-4KS has best price, Dahua 8 channel NVR Model DHNVR4108-4KS has best price, Dahua 16 channel NVR model DHNVR4116-4KS has best price, Dahua 16 channel NVR with 2 hard drives model DH-NVR4216-4KS has best price, Dahua 32 Channel NVR with 2 Hard drives model DH-NVR4232-4KS has best price, Dahua 32 channel NVR with 4 hard drives model DH-NVR4432-4KS

Intelligent Video Analysis

Dahua Lite series cameras are embedded with Intelligent video analytic algorithm which can produce intelligent function of tripwire and intrusion so that operator can quickly respond to triggering event over a specific monitoring area. It contributes to efficient monitoring and time response towards happening of uncertain events. Further the IVS feature supports intelligent tempering, which generate warning notification through detection of drastic scene change in order to provide intelligent video monitoring.

Dahua PRO Series NVR

Dahua Pro series NVR provides excellent performance and high quality recording that is ideal for large scale application with numerous cameras. Its powerful processor enable 4K resolution, fish eye dewarping, ANPR, POS and more allied features.

DAHUA PRO series has best selling NVR prices in Lahore Pakistan. For upto 8 MP IP cameras, Dahua 16 channel NVR with 2 hard drives model DH-NVR5216-4KS has best price, 32 Channel NVR with 2 hard drives model DH-NVR5232-4KS has best price, 32 Channel NVR with 4 hard drives model DHNVR5432-4KS has best price, 64 Channel NVR with 4 hard drives model DH-NVR5464-4KS has best price, 64 Channel NVR with 8 hard drives model DH-NVR5864-4KS has best price in Lahore,



Dahua Pro Series NVR is embedded with automatic number plate recognition for convenient exit control management. Using Dahua ITC camera it supports license plate recognition, management of black list and white list numbers and search results from recorded videos.

Point of Sale (POS)

This feature is ideal for retail stores with POS compatibility, user can retrieve POS transactions with corresponding video clips.

dahua nvr price in pakistan

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Connect IP camera with NVR?

  • Connect camera to nvr, go to registration camera,
  • Search it then click on the camera you want to add up ,
  • Give password or make new one modify the ip address of camera according to the ip available in nvr.

How to Configure Dahua NVR online?

  • Download Dahua GDMSS App for android and IDMSS for Iphone on your mobile.
  • Press camera sign on the top right corner and add new device on application.
  • Login into your DVR and Enter in to Main Menu
  • Click Network in the Main Menu & click “P2P”
  • Add the dvr username & password on mobile screen
  • Scan the QR code on your display screen and get your NVR online View.

How to factory reset Dahua NVR?

  • Enter in to main menu and click “setting”  then “default”
  • Click on “Factory Reset “apply & save.

How to check recording in Dahua NVR

  • Go in to main menu ,click on playback ,
  • Select the date ,camera and click on play button.
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