Video Surveillance

JR Group

Management requirement

JR Group a manufacturer and large scale exporter of leather shoes approached us to setup Video monitoring cctv solution which can cover each and every corner of production, warehouse, management area and entrance / exit.

Scope of Work

At design level:

  • Complex wiring because there were lot of high tension wires around the premises and long distances.
  • It was required to provide limited cameras views in the gate room of guards.
  • Management want less cameras and more coverage.
  • 30 days backup was required.

System Design- 122 Cameras

  • 4 Cameras DAHUA DH-IPC-EB5531 5MP Panaromic Network Fish eye for Big hall requiring 360 degree view. It enables us to to cover big halls buy ambien uk with less wiring and 1 camera in place of 4.
  • 6 Cameras Dahua DH-SD42212T-HN 2MP 12x Starlight PTZ Network Camera over the operating machine to cover working of machine workers.
  • 8 Camera DAHUA SD59430U-HNI 4MP 30x IR PTZ Camera for outdoor view.
  • 82 Camera – DAHUA IPC-HFW1431S 4MP IR Mini-Bullet Network Camera for indoor halls
  • 22 Cameras – DAHUA DH-IPC-HFW2431T-ZS/VFS 4MP WDR IR Bullet Network camera for parimeter Security.
  • 2 NVR- DAHUA NVR5864-4KS2 NVR for all cameras.

 Management Appreciation

Usman G Rashid, Director

We were looking for company who can do the project once and do it in right way. 1 other company provided us a solution with 150+ cameras but AB Security Solution engineers presented us a very innovative solution to cover the premises in little numbers of cameras.