Public Address Project

Al-Fattah Woolen Industry

Al-Fattah Woolen Industry project

Management requirement

Al-Fattah woolen industry is in need of centralized announcement system for the purpose of addressing, Automatic announcements and azan in 7 different Units (Zones) with 3 microphones at different places.

The cost effect was obvious but management needs a solution which has long life of at least 10 years and it must be easy to use and maintain as well.


At design level, we were confronted with the following challenges to address:

During the operation of machines, there is too much noise in units and ceiling height is around 25 feet of few halls

Announcements was required from 3 different places which are Masjid for Azan, chief Engineer room and director room.

It requires 7 zones for announcements, which can be addressed at once and separately as well.

Wiring distances were long and we need to control impedance in minimum cost.

Al-Fattah Woolen Industry

System Recommendation

We recommended TOA VX-3000 voice alarm and Public address system in order to fulfil client requirements. Our solution was based on the following parameters, which has served the best total solution for client.

VX-3000 Voice Alarm Farm

System includes 500 watt 2 main amplifiers with one other 500 watt backup amplifier configured with zones and 3 microphones:

System has 8 Zone available for configuration, which can be addressed simultaneously and separately.

  • Long life and less depreciation per year will contribute towards lower cost of investment.
  • Support software provides logs of announcements.
  • Compact and small size system which can be fixed in 12U rack.
  • System remains on standby mode until announcement and shed very acute load to electricity bill.
  • System can be easily enhanced and can be connected with other building with announcements from same control room/ single microphone.
  • Power consumption is less than 1000 Watt so requires less initial cost of UPS.
  • System can be integrated with Fire Alarm system as it comply with International fire standards.

Microphone TOA RM-300X

  • System can record 1024 auto messages which can be activated with just push of priority button. Azan can played with just push of button.
  • Separate Zones were assigned to 7 Keys on Microphone and tagged it accordingly.
  • It includes Emergency push button for conveyance of emergency notification.
  • High priority has been configured for director microphone- 2 Microphone cable were looped due to same route.


  • TU-652 50W Horn Speaker: In production units with 25 feet height and having more noise during machines in function, We have instlled TOA Driver with reflex horn speaker.
  • ‘- SC-630M 30W Horn Speaker: Warehouses, packing and allied big hall with normal noise, we have installed TOA 30 watt horn speakers.
  • BS-1030 Wall Speakers: In Masjid and Area with controlled environment and allied corridors, we have installed TOA 30 watt speakers.
  • PC-648R Ceiling Speakers: In management offices, we have installed 6 Watt ceiling speakers.


  • In case of fault detection system will automatically send an email to maintenance dept.
  • Trouble shooting is easy as System software and Frame itself indicate line and short circuit fault.
  • Speaker line surveillance give proactive support to maintenance as it can be monitored by software.
Al-Fattah Woolen Industry

Management Appreciation

Almas Khan, CEO

We have got different quotes from 3 other companies but our requirements were not completely addressed by anyone. Comparative systems were very complex and requires many amplifiers and UPS, which were not supported by any software. There was even low cost quotes but they don’t guarantee its long life. AB Security system offered solution is very compact and have features more than we expected. Further we believe that they have offered Japanese system which guarantees itself long life for sure.

Shehryar Khan, Chief Engineer

The microphone I am using is very ease to operate. I have better control over my machine operating staff as I can watch my site with CCTV Camera and can directly instruct them with Microphones only with just push of button.