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Designed for background Music Production & Speech

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Full Range Ceiling Speakers

Ceiling Speaker in Pakistan

AB Security ceiling speaker covers large expanded area through its wide dispersion ceiling characteristics. With built-in minimal high frequency rolls off ensure clear and balanced sound production over a wide area. These ceiling speakers are designed for smooth ceiling mount and secure back covers with makes the quality and cost effectiveness unparalleled.

Easy to Install with obstructive design, Light weight with ABS material.

Range from 6 inch Watt to 60 watt power Widely used in commercial and public organizations for speech, announcements & Music

ceiling speakers in lahore

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Designed for corporate, Public and educational institutes

We provide best ceiling speakers in Pakistan that are best suited for delivering lectures, corporate rooms discussion, Meeting of universities, commercial offices and govt organizations. From single to multiple rooms it can meet all your addressing needs wireless.

Dedicated to Quality

AB Security Solution ceiling speaker system guarantees the highest addressing fluency and crisp sound quality

ceiling speakers in Pakistan

A Tradition of trusted Brands

AB Security Solution offers variety of world best ceiling speakers brands to secure your background music, speech and allied addressing needs.

We are master distributor which is backed by optimum level of solution designing services, on site deployment and after sale support.

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Get a sound that you cannot get from other Speakers

AB Security Solution provides ceiling speakers that provides spectacular sound but its fitting is invisible. Fill your studio, conference room ceiling, commercial store, shopping mall, Home and more with best ceiling speakers price in Pakistan.

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AB Security solution design and customize best sound solution with professional engineers and support staff that comes with perfect match for your requirement.

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