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AB Security solution offers broad range of cctv cameras to comply with your security requirements.We Offer world best HD cameras ranges from 1 Megapixel to 30 Megapixel along with Intelligent Video Analytics Software. Our wide range of Pro Cameras available in 4K, 5K, 6K and 7K (30 Mega Pixel Cameras) that deliver clear and unmatched performance. Our broad range of IR PTZ Cameras, License Plate Recognition/ ANPR Cameras, Thermal Imaging CCTV Cameras, Fish Eye Camera, Multi Preview and 12 MP Multi sensor Cameras provides maximum clarity with high quality image with minimum bandwidth.

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AB Security Solution offers a wide Network HD cameras solution and allied software which helps to increase safety and security and reduce cost of projects. At AB Security Solution, we take pride to provide our partners with world best CCTV cameras system that make sure that their purpose of surveillance are fulfilled. We ensure that our range of cameras from world best manufacturer meet the requirements of customers with high standards of services.

AB Security Solution provides CCTV project assistance and complete solution which makes the planning, configuration and installation well-organized and professional.

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AB CCTV security can help you to deploy highest level of security, safety and communication over your entire premises. The apparent cameras installed at place of high defenseless environment have always provided evidence of effective deterrence of crime. Illegal and suspicious activities weaken in your CCTV secured are as when security personnel’s are supported by CCTV surveillance technology.

Challenging lighting conditions in door or out door, tuff weather conditions such as humidity and extremely hot or cold weather. This calls for provision of high quality camera with night vision, wide dynamic range (WDR), infrared IR and more.

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For over 15 years, AB Security Solution has raised for excellence and trust worthiness in security and communications products, solutions and services.

We are the leading solution provider of world class security technology which is backed by the premier standard of installation, support and service.

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