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AVIGILON, A Motorala Solution Company

Avigilona Canadian based company provides trusted and most innovative security solution to the global market. It manufacture, design highest quality cctv cameras and develop the world most innovative video analytics software’s. Avigilon is the only company which has produced the highest 30 mega pixel (7K) CCTV camera in the world, which has unmatched performance and design across the globe.

Avigilon solutions have been deployed in many sites across the globe such as airports, hospitals, banks, shopping malls, educational institutions and more.

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Certified System Integrator in Pakistan

AB Security Solution is the only certified system integrator in Pakistan for Avigilon and our Regional director holds certificate of avigilon Administrator and Operator. Avigilon provides Direct support to AB Security Solution in designing large scale projects which is helping us to stand out from our competitors.

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