Audio Recording

Audio Recording Cameras

AB Security solution is specialist in setting up audio recording system when only video recording is not enough. Voice recording camera can capture and store voice of target clearly and concisely and you can play back recorded foot ages with video and voice on hand.

These cameras enable a lot of user to increase efficiency of their work places and keep the environment in absolute control. It can also support to monitor general activities in places like airports and more.

Better control of your premises

These cameras are available in smart detection upto 4 mega pixel progressive CMO Sand has effective IR control with night vision.

The smart audio compression of G.711a/G.711Mu/AAC/G.726 makes sure that no voice remains unrecorded and automatic balance remains in check. Also the best advantage enchased as these cameras can be heard and answers on you smart devices and you can communicate just like a walky talky system in hand.

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